Attendee Testimonials

Attendee Testimonials

What do attendees think of PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO?

Testimonial #1

I need to learn about new packaging materials and machinery. This is the only place to see it all!

– Gabriel Claycamp, Cauldron Broths

Testimonial #2

Times are changing and visiting PACK EXPO helps us keep up with the changes being made.  

– Steve Schuh, Pinnacle Foods/Birds Eye Foods

Testimonial #3

Great new technology and business networking you can’t get anywhere else.

– Robbie Gildenblatt, Nestle Purina Pet Care

Testimonial #4

It's the perfect package. The perfect place to learn all about packaging, connect with existing contacts, and build new relationships.  

– Mike Henry, Snacktops, Inc.

Testimonial #5

Last year, we sourced an excellent value packaging line at PACK EXPO. The show let us shorten the research process significantly. 

– S.K. Chricton, Royal Building Products

Testimonial #6

We are looking for new equipment with robotics to replace current equipment and to enhance our cost-savings and production speeds. If you don't come to shows like this, technology will get away from you. Your competitor will stay on the forefront.

– John Stacks, Mountain Pure Beverages

Testimonial #7

We're at PACK EXPO International looking for full-scale manufacturing, labeling and palletizing machinery for our canned beans product. You can walk down the aisles of PACK EXPO and see all the latest innovations from so many different companies, which is very valuable experience to us.

– Kerry O’Connor, Busch Brothers

Testimonial #8

We have come to explore all types of packaging solutions. The truth is you don't know what you don't know and attending the show gives my team and I a good grasp on the latest and greatest innovations in packaging.

– Loy Lee Jr, Newark Electronics

Testimonial #9

As we expand, we must upgrade our equipment and stay informed on the latest trends. That is why I am at PACK EXPO International. I have benefited from several Innovation Stage presentations and by connecting with suppliers at the show who can help us meet growing demand.

– Sis Malley, Malley’s Chocolates

Testimonial #10

I need conveying systems that can take product from two lines into one, and by coming to PACK EXPO International, I can go back to my production team and share the options with them. I can also see the machines in action here and interact with our sector of the market, which is key. There's a whole lot of value in that.

– David Molkenthine, Sargento Foods

Testimonial #11

Cannabis is such a high-value product, so we are deciding the best way to package it. We came to PACK EXPO International for this need because if the solution isn't here, it doesn't exist. Seeing the machines in person is also mind-blowing. You can see them on videos, but until you see them in person you can't get it.

– Joshua Freedman, James Madison Distru

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