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PACK EXPO International Dishes Up Food Packaging Innovation

PACK EXPO International delivers food packaging solutions to address all of your concerns—from safety and regulations to consumer trends, sustainability and SKU proliferation. 

Be sure to visit Healthcare Packaging EXPO for crossover solutions, especially for products that incorporate adaptogens, probiotics and other health-trend ingredients.



keep it fresh
Keep It Fresh

Discover special sealants, films, pouches and other packaging technology to extend the shelf life of clean-label products.  

Craft a Brand

Visit the PACKage Printing Pavilion for digital printing and converting technologies that give products a premium look and customizability.

Adapt to Trends

Discover new technologies for automation, e-commerce and retail-ready packaging, flexible machinery to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, materials and equipment for pouches and more.

Maximize Safety

Explore sophisticated food safety technology such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), sanitary filling systems, code-scanning systems, tamper-proofing, detecting and weighing.

PMMI Is Your Source for Food Industry News

Trimming the fat from meal delivery packaging

A new delivery option allows consumers to receive one-week shipments of food in a smaller package fitted with compostable insulation panels made from corn.



Card applicator automates grab and go

The unique, dual-chambered format of thermoformed snack pack trays limit space for messaging, leading to an intelligent, automated solution for nutritional information cards.



Color-coded spice closures 

A global leader in spices, seasoning mixes, condiments, and other flavorings launched a new bi-textured and bi-colored closure solution for the European food market.



Value-added packaging for sugar 

A sugar company added robotic palletizing for bundled trays and display pallets that offer flexibility and high-efficiency picking.



Stand-Up Pouch Takes Circular Route to Recyclability

Confronted with questions around sustainability, food companies are working to make recyclable flexible pouches a reality using the “How2Recycle” label.



Delicate tools for delicate foods

An oven-to-case turnkey solution features flexibility and handling for delicate foods.



Plant-based food market takes root

New data shows plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy foods are outpacing conventional animal products, driving a need for additional packaging.




Sustainable nut pouch

A new flexible package for nut company is one of the first commercial pouches to use such a high proportion of PCR plastic.



Sticking with what works

To meet growing demand and maximize food safety on their new packaging lines, a produce company turned to a metal detection system it was familiar with from other facilities.



Grape packer comes in from the fields

A California grape grower broke with tradition, bringing grape packing in-house and automating the process with semi-automated packing lines and robotic depalletizing and palletizing.



Plant-based food takes root

Plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy foods are outpacing conventional animal products and are a key engine for retail and packaging growth.



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