PACK EXPO Green launching at PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2020



Collaborating for a sustainable world

The PACK EXPO Green Program is the commitment of PACK EXPO and all of it’s partners, vendors and exhibitors working together to create a more sustainable world. 

By doing our part individually we can together make a greater difference.    


Show Features Highlighting Sustainability

Sustainable Exhibitors:  Exhibiting companies who provide sustainable solutions either via new materials or technology such as sustainable technologies, biodegradable packaging, new packaging reduction processes, recyclable and biodegradable materials and technology to reduce carbon footprint will be highlighted by the PACK EXPO Green Icon PACK EXPO Green Icon.

Reusable Packaging Pavilion:  The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) partners with PMMI to showcase the best of reusable packaging products and services each year at PACK EXPO.  The Reusable Packaging Pavilion convenes over 40 exhibiting companies into one central show space where attendees can see the latest innovations in reusable packaging from leading product suppliers and system service providers.  A stroll through the Pavilion aisles will equip a visitor with the latest developments in reusable concepts and solutions.

Reusable Packaging Learning Center:  The adjoining Reusable Packaging Learning Center is the premier education event hosting presentations and panel discussions on a variety of topics related to sustainability and reuse.  The Learning Center is where new ideas, insights and answers can be found on a wide range of industry trends, product categories, market applications, and operating best practices.  RPA’s annual Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award is also presented here offering case-study learning about a reuse success story.

Show Floor Education with Sustainability Track:  Sessions which feature topics and solutions for sustainability, will be highlighted with the PE Green Icon.  This stage will be located in the PACK to the Future exhibit in the West Hall.

PACK to the Future Exhibit: Join us on a voyage of discovery into the special association between people and packaging. This exhibit in the West Hall will take you on a journey through the past, present and future of packaging. Sustainability will be highlighted in the Future of Packaging space, with

  • Showcase of Packaging Innovations:  Dow returns as the exclusive sponsor of The Showcase of Packaging Innovations ®  located in the Containers and Materials Pavilion in the West Hall of McCormick Place.

McCormick Place’s Commitment to Sustainability:  McCormick Place is committed to initiatives designed to conserve energy, protect vital resources and promote ecologically-efficient policies and procedures.   McCormick Place works with service partners, customers and vendors to encourage sustainable efforts through education, defined expectations and example. Learn more.

PACK EXPO Services commitment to Sustainability:  Through signage and structures produced, PACK EXPO Services has diverted 97% of waste to recycling, company-wide. PACK EXPO Services offers four different signage materials that are 100% recyclable.   PACK EXPO Services recycles carpet padding after the show that is not going to be reused.  At past events that was the equivalent of 20 dumpsters diverted to be recycled. 

PMMI, the organizer and producer of the PACK EXPO Family of Trade Shows is Committed to Sustainability

PMMI believes packaging plays a critical role in our world. It safeguards our food, protects our medicines, shields our purchases and allows for the transportation of goods; protecting what keeps us healthy and happy.  The packaging industry has a responsibility to limit its environmental impact. We are driving innovation across all packaging types, throughout the supply chain, to increase the use of recycled materials and reduce the amount of packaging being used. Learn more.

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