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The PACKage Printing Pavilion

Discover digital printing technologies that make customization, specialized labels, on-demand printing and high-end effects economically viable.

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The Containers & Materials Pavilion

Explore solutions to increase shelf impact, functionality, sustainability, cost-efficiency and more.  

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The Reusable Packaging Pavilion

Talk to suppliers about reusable assets that can help you achieve a level of sustainability worthy of a great brand backstory.  

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Fingerprinting for Brand Protection

A brand protection suite integrates fool-proof product authentication with serialization and traceability.



Go with gut for stand-out design

A unique branding system communicates a probiotic company’s compelling research-based story as well as its unique benefits.



Recyclable tube adds style

Premium toothpaste manufacturer uses the packaging itself to illustrate the importance of brushing teeth twice daily explicitly.



Redesign for sesquicentennial

New graphics featuring enlarged ingredient images showcase the flavor profile and indulgence of each variety.