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Healthcare Packaging EXPO Provides Cures for Pharmaceutical Production Challenges

At Healthcare Packaging EXPO and PACK EXPO International, you’ll find packaging solutions for the unique demands of pharma, biopharma and nutraceuticals, as well as crossover applications from related industries such as food and beverage.



Ensure Safety

Explore the cutting edge of safety in technology such as form/fill/seal and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), as well as precise dosing, weighing, etc. Visit the Containers and Materials Pavilion for options to extend shelf life and protection.

Meet Demand

On both show floors, you’ll find cutting-edge technology ranging from tablet presses to precise robotic pick-and-place, flexible machinery that can run a wide range of packages with minimal downtime and waste.

Comply with Regulations

Talk to suppliers about systems for traceability, validity and security. Look at adaptable labeling systems in the PACKage Printing Pavilion.

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Flexible mono-material for medical

Expanded variations to single-stream recycle-ready flexible materials for life science and medical device manufacturers.



What’s in a label

A new UDI Resource Guide provides over 30 links to Unique Device Identification compliance resources for medical device labeling.



Shaped pouch prompts wearable pump

Described as the world’s first all-in-one wearable breast pump that fits inside a bra, it incorporates a doughnut-shaped pouch/bag that holds breast milk. 



Sometimes personal care is both a drug and a cosmetic

Anti-dandruff shampoos, anticaries toothpaste, antiperspirant-deodorants, moisturizers and make-up with SPF protection are just some of the personal care products with FDA Title 21 or 16 mandated regulations.



Printer eases compliance

A thermal barcode printer combines high-resolution printing with high precision in label feeding to print small labels on medical device packaging.



Single-Head for specific capping needs

Designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies, a new single-head servo capping machine operates at speeds to 50 bottles/min.



Bottomless conveyor for bottle bottoms

The system enables the printing of serial numbers, lot codes and other markings on the bottle bottoms, without disrupting bottles in packaging line flow.



Flexible fill and finish

Automation expands capabilities, boosts productivity and limits operator/product contact for pharmaceutical packagers.



Solid dose monitoring on the line

A chemical imaging system can detect tablets with a different chemical composition, eliminating the need for off-line laboratory sampling.



Flexible mono-material for medical

Expanded variations to single-stream recycle-ready flexible materials for life science and medical device manufacturers.



A one-stop-shop for track-and-trace

Turnkey lines for vial and syringe filling suites now able to deliver serialization compliance.



Outside inspiration

Packaging companies are leveraging innovations from the pharmaceutical space for use with nutraceuticals



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